Tips for Tips!

I have been thinking about adding a ‘tip jar’ on the site for a while now because a few people have offered to compensate me for helping them with succulent/gardening advice. I get a lot of DMs from others on Instagram asking for help with their plants and I love it!

Y’all send me pictures and videos and wonder if I can help with an identification,  why your leaves are dropping, how to deal with mealy bugs and other pests…a wide range of questions that everyone has at some point, including myself!

Of course I eagerly answer as many questions as I can, but I know some people have more questions they withhold because they worried about taking up too much of my time. I’ve felt the same way when asking someone online for help—especially with web coding.

So that’s why I’m adding a ‘Tip-Pot.’ And I’m honored that my advice has been of enough value for anyone to want to tip me for it, but it really helps me towards being financially dependent on plant-based activities and that is my ultimate goal. Growing, discussing, learning, propagating…that flora life is for me!

Check out the Tips for Tips page for how it works and visit the Get Help page for ways to reach out!

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