Let’s talk about heat dormant succulents for a sec.

June 2022 forecast Houston, Texas

Okay then. Let’s talk about heat dormant succulents for a sec. In extreme heat, a lot of succulent plants will slow down or completely stop growing to conserve their energy. Overwatering at this time = risk of them rotting. So how do we know when it’s time to reduce or stop watering? How do we know when a succulent isn’t actively growing? Observation. Some signs of growth include flowering, new leaf production, increasing in size etc. Making notes and taking pics of your plants (as we do) builds familiarity with their growing cycles.

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Parts 1 and 2: Potting up two BIG Desert Roses Bonsai plants (Adenium obesum)

Intro to video of potting up two big Adenium obesums. Shows a large Adenium with big bright pink flowers.

PART 1: My husband came home with 2 gorgeous Desert Rose bonsai plants and it’s up to me to pot them up! First we reveal the massive caudex and treat a rot spot with sulfur powder before transferring to a new planter.

PART 2: We reveal a fantastically massive caudex, clean it up, and repot it in a new planter. And we get to see both newly potted plants side-by-side. Spoiler alert – they are gorgeous!

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Now available: The paperback version of The Succulent Manual!

The Succulent Manual paperback version is now available! I am SO grateful to everyone who has supported Sucs for You, and I’m super stoked to finally hold a physical manifestation of my book ‘The Succulent Manual: A guide to care and repair for all climates’ in my very own hands!

‘Succulents are taking over the hearts and window sills of millions of people around the world, and everyone wants to know what they need to thrive. Andrea Afra, from the popular succulent care and advice platform ‘Sucs for You,’ has helped thousands of succulent lovers become confident about understanding their plants’ needs based on their growing location. From these exchanges and shared experiences, The Succulent Manual was born.’

Get your copy of the paperback here: https://amzn.to/3jpv3UY

Visit this page for information on other available versions including an interactive eBook and the online version.

What’s in a name? Plant identification tips!

Peperomia axilaris 'Taco Plant'

(CC – Closed Captioned) Genus, species, subspecies, variety, hybrid, cultivar, form… I wanted to make this video because not every plant we buy comes with an accurate label, and if you really want to be able to correctly identify something, you need to understand what’s in a name when it comes to finding the right name. Right? Right!
Bonus: How to pronounce Myrtillocactus geometrizans cv. ‘Fukurokuryuzinboku’

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