Repotting one of my favorite succulents: Haworthia limifolia ‘Fairy’s Washboard’

Haworthia limifolia repotting

I’m finally getting around to repotting one of my favorite succulents – a Haworthia limifolia I purchased from IKEA back in 2015. I’ll show you how I repot her, and you’ll get to see what’s been happening down in the pot. (Hint: She has at least one baby! 😉)

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New feature: Ask Andrea!

Hello lovely people! I added a new feature to the site – Ask Andrea!

I wanted to offer a quick and simple way for you to reach out with your succulent questions. Whether you need help with an identification or figuring out what may be ailing your plant, I’m happy to help!

Simply fill out the form on the Ask Andrea page, send your payment (securely via Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle), and I’ll email you with the answers or a request for more details and/or photos.

It starts at $5 for 1-2 questions, but you can add more as needed! And of course there’s always the Custom Care Consultation option should you require a broader discussion.