SFY Stay at Home blog: #1

Kalanchoe katapifa 'Tarantula' flowers

…Luckily the weather was nice most of the time, but it’s been raining here for 2 days and I’m really starting to feel cabin fever, even though I don’t go out much normally. On a recent ‘outing’ to Walgreens, I was wearing my ‘Introverted but willing to discuss plants’ t-shirt and the cashier said he liked it. Of course I asked him if he liked plants or had any and he said he liked them, but wasn’t patient enough to keep them, but he had friends that were really into plants. I told him he should get some and just see how it goes. He said, “There’s one type I want, the kind you put in the corner of your house,” so I started rattling off some names. …

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Mid-winter succulent update and a cacti seedling repotting

I took a much needed break from editing the print version of The Succulent Manual (https://sucsforyou.com/saveyoursucs) to make a winter update video and get some cacti seedlings repotted! We check on some seedlings’ progress, meet some gorgeous Begonias, see some succulents blooming in January and other fun stuff 🙏

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Succulent seedling progress with 17 Varieties – 5 & 9 month update (w/ a bonus Lithops surgery!)

I started several different types of succulent seeds this year and wanted to show the progress so far plus discuss some lessons I’ve learned along the way. There’s also a pretty tense demo of removing the outer leaf from a Lithops seedling that was having trouble shedding it on its own.

We look at: Dioscorea elephantipes, Lithops, Anacampseros, Haworthia limifolia, Ariocarpus fissuratus, Faucaria, Epiphyllum, Dorstenia foetida, along with several other types of cacti.

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