Sucs for You is now on Patreon!

Fellow succulent lovers: This time, I need your help. Please read on for my latest announcement. (Hint: I started a Patreon succulent care community)

As of today (Aug 16, 2017 ) Sucs for You has over 16k followers on Instagram, 4k on Youtube, and several hundred between Twitter, Facebook – and of course our Facebook Group. We’re a big community and I’m having a blast learning with you and I hope you are too.

After nearly two years of answering thousands of care questions (maybe even one of yours), and publishing as many web articles and videos I have time to create, I’ve been devoting all of my free time—very eagerly—to helping others with plant-based advice.  You let me know when I’ve helped you and that is what has encouraged me to keep going. That is also what has encouraged me to finally create a few ways to keep helping you…full time.

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Here’s how you can help:

-First up, I’ve set up a Patreon Creator account where you can become a regular supporter while enjoying patron-exclusive content before anyone else. Check it out and please tell a friend.

-Maybe you have a lot of specific questions you can’t find answers to online. Now you can hire me as  your personal plant advisor! 

-If you want to leave a one-time donation, you can leave a tip in my ‘tip jar’ – more on that here. 

As always, helping you is what I want to do most, with or without compensation, so please keep your questions coming and I’ll do my best to answer everyone. However, if you need a quicker response, more one-on-one time, and custom care tips, consider setting up a consultation session.

I am very grateful for those who’ve reached out to me for help and who have helped me along the way. I’ve learned so much and have a lot of knowledge to share. I’ve got motivation to spare but I just need the means to make it happen. For more on my goals and to become a patron, please visit this page. 

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