Introducing The Succulent Manual

I do think it’s high time I let y’all in on a secret project I’ve been pounding away at…introducing:

The Succulent Manual – A Care and Repair Guide for all Climates

The Succulent Manual by Andrea Afra, Sucs for You!

While I’m not a succulent seller, I do let go of some surplus plants through small sales occasionally and you should too. I am just a writer who happens to really love succulents and helping people, and that’s what I’ve been doing for nearly two years now: Answering questions from folks who need help with their plants.

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Read the first ever preview of
The Succulent Manual- A Guide to Care and Repair for all Climates here. Continue to enjoy the first two chapters #1/Basic Tips: Expectations and #2/Basic Tips: Light, then sign up to continue reading the latest sections already published and more as they are released. Ready? Let’s talk about sucs! 

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