Make More Sucs – Intro to Propagation: New sections added to The Succulent Manual

Heads up! I just released the intro and first chapter to the propagation section ‘Make More Sucs’ in The Succulent Manual- read it now by becoming my patron on PatreonI have also made the first two chapters of the manual available to the public!

The Succulent Manual by Andrea Afra, Sucs for You!

Learn more about my Patreon project here. Enjoy the first two chapters of The Succulent Manual section ‘Basic Tips: Expectations’ and ‘Light’ then sign up to read the rest.

View the current table of contents here. 

Members can go ahead and check out the newest sections now:

#9/ The Succulent Manual: Make More Sucs- Intro to Propagation
#10/ The Succulent Manual: Propagation by Leaf

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