Sucs for You VIP Club!

I’m excited to announce a new feature for members of the online version of The Succulent Manual and I hope you’ll join!

The VIP level includes online access to The Succulent Manual plus the Sucs for You VIP Club’s Facebook group, or if you prefer, a monthly email Q&A session with the author, Andrea Afra. 

I recently created a private group on Facebook, the ‘Sucs for You VIP Club.’ The purpose of the group is to offer a place for our members to receive precise and personalized advice about their succulents, and the majority of the time it will be directly from myself. I have a great team of knowledgeable moderators on board to help as well, and I will review each post to make sure you are getting the right guidance. 

Our main group has nearly tripled in size since the March ‘stay-home’ orders which is amazing, but I’m no longer able to vet all of the answers people receive due to the increase in numbers. As you probably know, there are dozens of other succulent groups on Facebook, but the advice can be limited or downright hazardous to your plants’ health. 

I decided to set up an exclusive group to more easily monitor the questions and responses, and since you’ll already have access to The Succulent Manual, it will help me direct you to the right information and additional resources that will be helpful as well.

The monthly access fee is just $5 and you can opt out at any time without affecting your access to the online The Succulent Manual.

New members: Select the VIP option here, and for a limited time, use code ‘VIP15’ to for 15% off your first order-

Current members: Please use this option to upgrade your subscription –

After you subscribe, just head over to the VIP group – – and request to join. The required questions will pop up and you’ll be asked for your email address that you signed up with.

If you don’t have Facebook and prefer the monthly email Q&A option, simply send your questions to and I will follow up with you soon after! 

Thank you and happy growing! 
Andrea Afra, with Sucs for You (and author of The Succulent Manual)

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