Weird and Wonderful Flowers: Harvesting Dorstenia bahiensis seeds

Watch the seed pop in Part 2 here

Dorstenia bahiensis: Not only has this strange yet beautiful plant has given me a lot of joy since I brought it home earlier this month, it’s already giving me seeds! Dorstenias have a very interesting way of distributing their seeds… they SHOOT them out with a small but audible POP!

So if you want to catch them before they launch, you’ll need to cover them with something – mesh fabric, netting, or in this case, a nylon sock. Avoid plastic unless you know it’s only going to be on the flower for a day or so to avoid smothering the flower. Watch till the end to see a bonus flower from another plant that smells SO good!

Care guide: Dorstenia bahiensis is quite similar to Dorstenia elata, however the flowers and leaves are slightly different. It can be hard to distinguish which is which, but their care needs are basically the same. While other Dorstenias have a fat caudex that helps conserve water, D. bahiensis does not, which means this gal is thirsty compared to D. foetida and others with caudices/caudexes.

D. bahiensis is native to Brazil’s tropical forests and thrives in the rainy, shady, but warm/hot and humid forest floors. They don’t need much light so they’re great for those part sun areas or growing on a window sill indoors.

My plant is potted in a fast draining soil but I’m considering repotting with more organic material since it shows signs of thirst 3-5 days after watering. I had a brief scare when the leaves and flowers started drooping a couple of days after transferring it to a new pot, but after a good drink, everything perked up again.

They can be propagated by seed and division, as well as rhizome cuttings.


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