It finally flowered! The magical Edithcolea grandis ‘Persian Carpet Flower’

This is really the most epic flower I’ve seen! Edithcolea grandis ‘Persian Carpet Flower’ was one of my very favorite plants in my collection even before it bloomed for me. Now I’m just shook! 

The last time it tried to flower, summer of ’21 I believe, I had it on a shelf that got too much direct sun and the flower sadly failed. It’s just so hot here in Houston, that even late morning full sun can be too much for some plants. 

I bought the plant at East Austin Succulents, less than a week before the big Texas Freeze, and it survived even though it was in the low 30s indoors – inside  our house – as we lost power along with almost everyone else.  

It has grown really quickly for me, to the point that hanging sections got too heavy and just broke off. In habitat, this plant will spread across the rocky ground so gravity isn’t a problem. 

I still keep it on my east-facing back porch but I moved to a lower shelf to protect the flower bud and used a couple of other plants to block the direct sun. I water it weekly as long as it’s hot to warm, and cut back to watering very little in temperatures colder than 65F/18C, and only about once a month.    

The spiky stems are very bitey (sharp!) and will take on purple hues in colder weather if it’s getting bright light. 

For more information about this very unique plant, you can check out my video ‘Edithcolea grandis ‘Persian Carpet Flower’ propagation’ here: 


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