SFY Stay Home blog: #2 Black Lives Matter

It’s been nearly 3 months since my first/last Stay Home blog post and so much has happened in the world since then, I would be remiss not to write about it. 

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was brutally murdered by Minneapolis police. I had a really difficult time watching the full video however I knew it was my job and everyone else’s to not only witness his death, but to raise my voice and take any actions within my power to amplify the demand for justice for George Floyd and the other innocent Black lives cruelly taken by law enforcement officers, and racist civilians, all who seem to think they would get away with televised homicide simply because their victims were Black. 

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Mid-winter succulent update and a cacti seedling repotting

I took a much needed break from editing the print version of The Succulent Manual (https://sucsforyou.com/saveyoursucs) to make a winter update video and get some cacti seedlings repotted! We check on some seedlings’ progress, meet some gorgeous Begonias, see some succulents blooming in January and other fun stuff ?

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Vol. 2 – Your Stories: How have succulents helped you?

I posted a call for stories about how succulents and other plants have helped you, and the responses so far have been incredibly moving. I know how much they’ve helped me and reading your submissions has made me love these wonderful plants even more.

Here is the second round of many to come, I hope!
Click here for the submission form.

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What’s New

The Succulent Manual

Hi friends!! I feel like I’ve been somewhat absent from the social pages, but I’ve been super busy the last few months putting the final touches on my eBook ‘The Succulent Manual’ and the online version. I’m talking tedious 12-hour days staring at a computer screen until I’m literally cross-eyed.

I also recently made a new video and just added some delicious drainage materials to the shop page.

Drainage materials for succulents

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