How to start Lithops, Conophytum, Echeveria seeds and more!

Succulent Seeds

I got some AWESOME seeds in the mail from Unusual Seeds, a family-owned company out of Serbia! Watch me sterilize dirt, prepare the seed trays and plant up 6 types of succulents including: Dioscorea elephentipes, Conophytums, Echeveria laui, Lithops, Astrophytum, and Sinningia canescens.

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Rainy Day Succulent Propagation Tray


It’s cold and raining in Houston (as usual) but I really needed to work out my green thumb, so here’s a quickie video of me making a propagation tray. It was very calming — you should make one too! I’m using a cardboard crawfish tray and my succulent dirt recipe. I’m mostly only placing leaves that already have roots. The others are hanging out in a cardboard egg carton under my grow light.

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Kalanchoe tubiflora ‘Chandelier Plant’ repair, propagation, progress

Kalanchoe tubiflora Mother of Thousands Chandelier plant

Watch me rescue and propagate one of my favorite plants— a Kalanchoe tubiflora ‘Chandelier Plant,’ one of the Mother of Thousands. It is a fast grower and gets so tall it can’t support its own weight. (We’ve been through this before…) It offsets from plantlets along the leaf-tips as pictured in the intro image.

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