Sucs for You VIP Club!

I’m excited to announce a new feature for members of the online version of The Succulent Manual and I hope you’ll join!

The VIP level includes online access to The Succulent Manual plus the Sucs for You VIP Club’s Facebook group, or if you prefer, a monthly email Q&A session with the author, Andrea Afra. 

I recently created a private group on Facebook, the ‘Sucs for You VIP Club.’ The purpose of the group is to offer a place for our members to receive precise and personalized advice about their succulents, and the majority of the time it will be directly from myself. I have a great team of knowledgeable moderators on board to help as well, and I will review each post to make sure you are getting the right guidance. 

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Easiest succulents to grow from seed – a progress video

Easiest succulents to grow from seed - a progress video

You may surprised to see Lithops and Faucarias among the list of easy succulents to grow from seeds. Along with Adenium obesum ‘Desert Rose,’ Aloe maculata, Anacampseros rufescens, Dioscorea elephantipes, Epiphylllum, Haworthia, and Barrel cacti, you’ll learn about how long it takes them to germinate and see how they grow over the months and years!

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