Fast Draining Succulent Mix Plus Soil add-on


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Fast Draining Succulent Mix Ingredients: Akadama, Pumice, Black Lava, Turface

Organic Soil Ingredients: Compost, perlite

If you can’t find proper drainage materials locally, or you want to see what a good mix looks like, this non-organic blend is perfect to get you started with a batch of fast drying succulent soil that doubles as a lovely top dressing.

This option includes 2 quarts of a good quality soil without added fertilizer.  

Lithops and other Mesembs: 10% part organic soil to 90% drainage materials.

Arid natives: 25% organic soil to 75% parts drainage materials; most succulents

Tropical natives: 40% parts organic soil to 60% parts drainage materials; Jungle cacti, Kalanchoes, Euphorbia

And yes, other plants will love it too! Bonsai, Herbs, Azaleas, Hibiscus and just about any plant that likes their soil to be airy and fast-drying around their roots. You can add more organic oil to your mix if you live in an arid climate or grow indoors. In humid climates, reduce the organic soil and add more drainage materials. 

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3 Pounds Mix + 2 Quarts soil, 5 Pounds Mix + 2 Quarts soil