Care tips for your customers

Easily provide care tips for your customers with Sucs For You!

As a seller of succulents, or their related products, you probably have a lot of people ask you about care tips. That’s where I can help! I’m very familiar with how many questions and doubts those new to succulents often have as I’ve been helping them learn how to keep them alive for years now.  You can also get listed on the ‘Where to Buy Sucs’ page. See details here. will help teach your current or potential customers about succulent care so they have the confidence to buy their first succulents or continuing to buy more. Linking to from somewhere on your website and referring folks to the care site will free up time you spend answering the same questions so you can focus on sales and customer service.

All you need to do is add a link or menu link titled ‘Succulent Care Tips’ (or something to that nature) that links to where your customers will find helpful articles and videos. You can also include the link in a newsletter, an image on your site, or whatever seems to work best for you and your customers. If you have any questions about this or are interested in a promo partnership, please email me here.