Plant Profile Form

Aloe maculata flower buds

I created a Plant Profile form to help you gather useful information when asking others to help you troubleshoot an issue with your plants. It’s not just for succulents! Access it at:

The most important factor in getting or giving accurate plant care advice comes down to your growing location. Your climate, and whether you grow indoors or outside, will determine everything from light needs to soil ingredients.

For instance, let’s say two people ask the same question: “Why are my Echeverias dropping their leaves?” One person is in Portland and the other is in Peshawar. Both keep their plants outdoors.

A variety of plants in bright indirect light

Portland is humid, overcast, gets a ton of rain, and even in June the temperatures are barely reaching 80F/26C. Over in Pakistan however, Peshawar is dry, very sunny, with little to no rain in the next 10 days, and the highs are already reaching 110F/43C.

To answer their question with the same advice for both people could make matters worse. To our Portland friend we might say, “They need more light, less water, and perhaps faster draining soil.” But if we suggested the same to our friend in Peshawar, the plants would be cooked by the sun, the soil would dry out too quickly, and they’d lose more than just a few leaves.

Over the last several years, I’ve helped others from every corner of the planet troubleshoot problems with their plants and it always comes down to that key question: Where are you located? That’s why I really honed in on location when I wrote ‘The Succulent Manual: A guide to care and repair for all climates.’ Understanding how regional variations in temperature, precipitation, humidity, and available sunlight influence your plant care regimen will increase your success exponentially – I promise!

So please use the form, or make it a habit to include your climate in your quests to resolve a problem with your plants, and ask the same from others who reach out for help. Now get out there and save your sucs!

Where to Buy Succulents: Houston-area shops and online faves

Crassula 'Morgan's Pink'

Where do I buy succulents? I get this question so often, it’s high time for a dedicated post! 

I also sell succulents on occasion – check out the shop! 

Whether you’re from the Houston-area like me or looking online for the best plant-mail around, these are the shops I can refer you to based on my experience as a customer, or that others I trust have spoken highly of. Please let them know Andrea with Sucs for You sent you!

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Spreading the love with spreadsheets? Don’t you know it!

Spreadin the love

I shared a quick video on Instagram stories the other day of me scrolling through my spreadsheet that contains the names, dates, places, and more info about each plant I bring home. Turns out a lot of you also have your own spreadsheets working! Others were interested in starting one of their own, so I’ve made a blank public copy of mine to share with y’all.

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