Plants for Sale

Every now and then I sell some succulents, so you’ll see this option come and go in the shop.  I really love creating boxes for people and including a few surprise items, and I do hope you’ll send me updates and photos so I can keep in touch with my old plant friends. The current sale is for a variety of succulents from my personal garden and collection that will ship in a large (12″ x 12″ x 6″) flat rate USPS box. Priority shipping is 18.90 and not included in the prices below.

Choose Regular, XTRA, or XTRA XTRA— the prices reflect the value and quantity of the succulents included in the box. Be sure to include your shipping info (US only except Hawaii) and leave any special requests in the field on the payment page and I’ll do my best to get you exactly what you want. Feel free to email me with questions. And of course I’ll help you with care tips if need be 🙂

Here’s an idea of what I have available. The majority are already well-rooted.
Aloes- A. maculata pups, A. Blizzard, Heirloom Aloe Vera, Aloe barbadensis ‘Miller’ pups
Kalanchoes- K. laetivirens, K. tubiflora, K. daigremontiana, K. fedschtenkoi, K. marnieriana
Others- Colorful Sedums and Graptosedums, Graptopetalums, Stapelia grandiflora, Haworthias, cacti, assorted cuttings, Golden Barrel Cactus 1″ seedlings, cactus seeds, small bonsai pots, cool rocks, and other random plants I haven’t yet decided to sell 😉

(Pictures don’t show everything available.)


Drainage Materials

If you can’t find proper drainage materials locally, or you want to see what a good mix looks like, these options are perfect to get you started with a batch of fast drying succulent soil. Just add dirt!

All of these also work as safe and attractive top dressings for your pots, combined or individually.

Arid natives: 25% topsoil to 75% parts drainage materials; most succulents
Tropical natives: 50% parts topsoil to 50% parts drainage materials; Jungle cacti, Kalanchoes, Euphorbia
Lithops and other sensitive plants: 10% part topsoil to 90% drainage materials
And yes, other plants will love it too! Bonsai, Herbs, Azaleas, Hibiscus and just about any plant that likes their soil to be airy and fast-drying around their roots.

You can add more topsoil to your mix if you live in an arid climate or grow indoors. In humid climates, reduce the topsoil and add more drainage materials. You can also use potting soil, but be sure it doesn’t have additional fertilizer.

Options include premixed or individually bagged.

Choose from the dropdown menu below and click ‘Add to Cart.’ To add more items to your cart, click ‘continue shopping’ on the Paypal checkout page. All sales final. Shipping included in price.

Pounds per 1 quart:
Mix = 2lbs
Shale = 2.5lbs
Turface = 2lbs
Pumice = 1lb 10oz
Lithops Mix = 2lbs

Premixed and Individual options

The Succulent Manual eBook

Looking to purchase The Succulent Manual eBook? Awesome!
See this page for instructions.