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The Succulent Manual

Sign up for the online version of The Succulent Manual, and/or download the eBook. They both cover all of the basics on succulent care along with their various propagation techniques, troubleshooting problems, regional advice, identification methods, and more.

YouTube Videos

My YT channel features a lot of demos on propagation, repair, and general succulent knowledge. You can also watch the videos on this site.

Sucs Talk 

Read through the blog posts and watch videos about all kinds of succulent care tips and advice. Check out the Plant Index, Where to Buy Sucs, find supplies, buy drainage materials and more.

Custom Care Consultations

We all have a need for specific answers to our questions about our succulents at some time. You’ll fill out this plant consultation form and after some follow up questions, I’ll provide you with advice based on your answers, photos, and goals. Whether you’re trying to diagnose a problem, find identifications, or just want to maximize your growing potential, I can gladly help!

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Ask Andrea- $5 and up

Simply fill out the form on the Ask Andrea page, send your payment (securely via Stripe, Venmo, or Zelle), and I’ll email you with the answers or a request for more details and/or photos.
It starts at $5 for 1-2 questions, but you can add more as needed! 

Priority Inquiry Pass- $10

If you have an inquiry that can be answered in 10 minutes or less, you can buy a priority inquiry pass for $10 and I will do my best to respond within 24 hours – typically much sooner! After purchase, please send me your questions with any images to and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy! And if you can go ahead and fill out the relevant information in this Plant Profile form  and include it in your message, it will help me give you more tailored advice. 


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If neither of those options work for you and/or you need to send a photo, you can email me here. Please note, these free exchanges may be published so it can benefit others in your situation. I will answer as many questions as soon as possible. Tips for tips are always appreciated!