Succulent and cacti garden progress in Houston, Texas

This is a bonus post to show and tell the backstory to the garden featured in my latest video ‘How to Build a Cacti and Succulent Garden.

We moved to our new house in the summer of 2016. Not long after I settled in, I was given some big prickly pear pads from a lovely local Houstonian who has an amazing xeriscaped front yard. Seeing her accomplishment flourish inspired me to try my hand at a much smaller-scaled cacti garden.

I don’t have many shots of the first section I put down, but that’s probably a good thing because it wasn’t much of a looker. I really just needed somewhere to put the massive Opuntia pads she gave me and decided they’d be the first to test in the ground.

My new video shows the latest section I added and how I use drainage materials, rocks, and levels to raise the plants above ground-level. Watch it to see what things are looking like now! Then you can watch this short to see the identifications and close-ups of the plants in my garden.

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