Your Stories: How have succulents helped you?

I posted a call for stories about how succulents and other plants have helped you, and the responses so far have been incredibly moving. I know how much they’ve helped me and reading your submissions has made me love these wonderful plants even more.

Here are the first 5 of many to come, I hope!
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My love of succulents changed my life…

I suffered with agoraphobia. Nothing I tried was helping. I was getting so bad and finally got to the point of not being able to leave the house. I had loads of succulents inside and loved them. I decided to put some out in the garden at the front of the house. I knew I wouldn’t leave them out there to die. It worked. Bit by bit, I got braver about going out to care for them.

People would pass by and ask questions about them and it helped so much. Then I rescued a dog that was in a terrible state. I knew he would need to be walked everyday and I wouldn’t let him down either. It sounds dramatic but my love of succulents changed my life. My front garden is packed with succulents now and I am always out there for hours and I absolutely love being outside.
-Felicia @woollyflowers, UK

I was not happy, something was missing…

I grew up around plants. I took horticulture in high school. Majored in horticulture in college (never completed, dropped when they made me take BS classes instead of my horticulture classes). Was a florist for 15 years. Became disillusioned by the florist “political” world and moved on to a different career. Went back to school and became a medical assistant. Went through some major health problems and ended up in a desk job in a medical office.

I was not happy, something was missing. My BF, who is still in the floral field, treated me to a wine bottle succulent class. I knew plants, I knew how to plant up small gardens, so I didn’t know why I was going to the “class” for. After the class I found a new appreciation for “playing with dirt” and looking at plants.

I googled how to care for succulents, so many advancements in research since my high school and college days (22years) LOL, and I found Andrea and her Sucs for you channel…I was hooked.

I found the piece I was missing, I found happiness. I could not wait to get home from work to “play” with my new plant babies. I found myself searching out old greenhouses I haven’t visited in years, looking forward to finding new greenhouses in hopes of finding new succulents.

I can’t express in mere words what these little gems of living plants have done for me. I have found ME again, I have found a community of fellow succulent lovers,I have found an outlet for the stress and anger I had tried to squash (unsuccessfully I may add). In short I LOVE succulents!

I’ve battled with depression almost my entire life…

Hello succulent world, I’ve battled with depression almost my entire life… I’ve ran the streets, fought, did drugs, cut myself, went to prison, & basically just dwell mentally.

I was doing great for a very long time until I felt that familiar feeling of depression coming back for its annual visit back in March…so I did what I usually do and scroll YouTube until I ran across one of your videos about succulents…my my my, has my life changed since then.

I went and bought a few and can’t even began to explain the joy they bring me, to see them grow so happy all because of me…I can’t get enough…now I’m in deep and can’t stop purchasing and propagating lol. I’m truly happy inside authentically now. Thank you so much to you and the succulent babies.
– Succulent Baby

It has saved my life…

My plant journey began early this year 2019 after a very disappointing experience with breast cancer/reconstruction. I was so depressed I actually considered suicide. Somehow I brought myself around and ordered a bunch of succulent cuttings. The rest is the beginning of this plant obsession. It has saved my life. You were the first person I found on line that I could relate to.

If these plants can rise up after falling, why can’t I?

For the longest time I thought I am not capable of growing plants. Every time a plant is given to me by my friends, it always ends up dying. Until I started having interest in succulents. I bought an Echeveria and when I got home, a leaf fell off from the mother plant. After a few days I noticed something growing from the fallen leaf.

I watched some videos on Youtube about leaf propagation of succulents and I started doing it. Then I visited my friend’s nursery and started buying a lot! of succulents. From then on I am hooked! It came at a time when I was healing from chronic depression brought about by marital problems. I was on antidepressant and struggling. Seeing my succulent (and now, cactus also) collection brought a different kind of high to me.

It’s as if they are giving me the good vibes every single day. My husband started to notice it too! I am just a beginner (2 months) at succulents and cacti. I cannot say that I am an expert at it but what I am sure of is the fact that they have helped change my disposition and my relationship. I am just so very happy, just like you, every time I am with my succulents and cacti.

I especially love how these plants can grow from leaves! Makes me realize that if these plants can rise up after falling, why cant I? They inspire me to believe in myself and to rise up to every challenge life will throw at me.
I make it a point to have time with them every morning before I head out to work and at night before I go to bed. I consider my succulents and cacti my angels on earth! 

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