Where to Buy Succulents: Houston-area shops and online faves

Where do I buy succulents? I get this question so often, it’s high time for a dedicated post! 

I also sell succulents on occasion – check out the shop! 

Whether you’re from the Houston-area like me or looking online for the best plant-mail around, these are the shops I can refer you to based on my experience as a customer, or that others I trust have spoken highly of. Please let them know Andrea with Sucs for You sent you!

I’ll update this post as I find more places that provide beautiful, healthy plants and great customer service. Be sure to check out my Supplies page for the tools and products I use in the garden and where you can find them.


Mountain Crest Gardens – One of the top sellers online, not only does MCG has a highly  informative website, they supply high-quality succulents, air plants, and more. Quick shipping and affordable. (I’m one of their first affiliates so if you use this link, it will help support Sucs for You, so thank you!)

Tillandsia 'Houston' from Mountain Crest Gardens
Tillandsia ‘Houston’ from Mountain Crest Gardens

Fairyblooms – Fairyblooms is the go-to online shop for  the brightest and prettiest succulents, but they also have some weirdos too. Opening a box from them is about as good as it gets!

Crassula ‘Morgan’s Pink’ from Fairyblooms

Bob Smoley’s – Based out of Florida, this mom and pop nursery supplies an intriguing variety of succulents, cacti, tropicals, and other oddities you need in your life. While the web store is a bit old-school, it gets the job done and the owners are easy to get ahold of if you have any questions. They also ship world-wide! 


Buchanan’s – A higher-end option for succulents and other lovely plants, located in the Heights.

Cactus King – My church. While ordering online is NOT recommended, locals needn’t balk at visiting the glorious domain that is Cactus King. Bring water and a snack because I guarantee you’re going to want to be here for a while. Cash only, no refunds, but totally worth the risk if you know what’s up.

My sweet Notocactus uebelmannianus from Cactus King

Hong Kong Food Market – Located inside Hong Kong City Mall on Bellaire, this large Asian market carries a small but unique selection of succulents, herbs, vegetables, tropicals, and bamboo.

Houston Cactus and Succulent Society (seasonal sales) – Hoo boy… I’ve only been to one of these sales (Spring 2017) but it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. While it is small in comparison to other cities’ sales, the HCSS sale showcased plants from locals who are really on top of their succulent game. Bring cash and a few boxes to make the most of your haul.

Pseudobombax ellipticum from the HCSS spring sale

Joshua’s Native Plants – Hands down, my favorite local nursery for succulents and native plants. Get ready to give them all of your money. Super helpful and friendly staff, located in the Heights. Closed Mondays at this time.

JRN 2 Nursery – There are two JRN locations, but I’ve only been to the spot in Alief. From bonsai to water garden plants, be prepared to spend some time at JRN exploring the greenhouses. Gorgeous and affordable tropicals and an eclectic selection of succulents and cacti, bring a truck if you know what’s good for you!

Jatropha berlandieri from JRN 2

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