Signs of active growth in succulents (even when it’s really hot!)

Signs of active growth in succulents: Sometimes it’s hard to tell if certain succulents are actively growing, especially when it’s really hot outside. Here are the main signs to look for that will let you know your plants are currently producing new growth and not dormant due to the season or temperature.

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How’s it Growing: March and April

Mammillaria melanocentra by Andrea Afra/Sucs for You

Hello from Houston, Texas, Zone 9A! Spring is here in full effect and I’m really digging the sunshine. Tomorrow is April first so I’m going to include what plants flowered for me in March and what is budding or close to blooming in April. I’m also including some other notes on growth and dormancy. I keep my plants outdoors in pots and in the ground. There’s a lot happening right now…

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