Signs of active growth in succulents (even when it’s really hot!)

Signs of active growth in succulents: Sometimes it’s hard to tell if certain succulents are actively growing, especially when it’s really hot outside. Here are the main signs to look for that will let you know your plants are currently producing new growth and not dormant due to the season or temperature.

Plants in order of appearance:

Hoodia (parviflora or gordonii)
Euphorbia aeruginosa
Euphorbia lacei ‘Mint Cream’
Euphorbia ‘Zig Zag’
Selenicereus anthonyanus ‘Fishbone Cactus’
Aloe ‘Dental Work’
Astrophytum ornatum
Myrtillocactus geometrizans Fukurokuryuzinboku ‘Booby Cactus’
Huernia zebrina
Haworthia venosa subs. tessellata
Frailea casteana
Alluaudia dumosa
Peniocereus striatus
Pygmaeocereus bieblii
Frailea uhligiana
Thelocactus setispinus
Euphorbia tescorum
Astrophytum myriostigma ‘Bishop’s Cap’
Gymnocalycium anisitsii subs. multiproliferum
Pachypodium saundersii


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