Video: Ants on your Plants? Might mean Mealybugs…Let’s fix that STAT!

Note: This is shot with a macro lens- objects on screen are much smaller in real life 😉 Watch in full screen for a good time 😉

If you see little ants on your succulents and other plants, stop and follow them…many ant species will lead you straight to a pile of mealybugs before you even notice them on your plants!

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Watch this ant show us exactly where these dreaded pests are hiding and how to rid your succulents and other plants of mealybugs before it’s too late.

I also wanted to show you this page on a very beneficial bug called the Mealybug Ladybird- get to know it so you don’t accidentally kill one, as their larvae resemble mealybugs before they turn into beetles. You wouldn’t want to kill a really helpful ladybug would you?

And here is a guide on different kinds of mealybugs and scale. I do believe these are ‘Madeira Mealybug’ Phenacoccus madeirensis, but I’m not certain.

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