SFY Stay at Home blog: #1

Kalanchoe katapifa 'Tarantula' flowers

…Luckily the weather was nice most of the time, but it’s been raining here for 2 days and I’m really starting to feel cabin fever, even though I don’t go out much normally. On a recent ‘outing’ to Walgreens, I was wearing my ‘Introverted but willing to discuss plants’ t-shirt and the cashier said he liked it. Of course I asked him if he liked plants or had any and he said he liked them, but wasn’t patient enough to keep them, but he had friends that were really into plants. I told him he should get some and just see how it goes. He said, “There’s one type I want, the kind you put in the corner of your house,” so I started rattling off some names. …

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Mid-winter succulent update and a cacti seedling repotting

I took a much needed break from editing the print version of The Succulent Manual (https://sucsforyou.com/saveyoursucs) to make a winter update video and get some cacti seedlings repotted! We check on some seedlings’ progress, meet some gorgeous Begonias, see some succulents blooming in January and other fun stuff 🙏

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Vol. 2 – Your Stories: How have succulents helped you?

I posted a call for stories about how succulents and other plants have helped you, and the responses so far have been incredibly moving. I know how much they’ve helped me and reading your submissions has made me love these wonderful plants even more.

Here is the second round of many to come, I hope!
Click here for the submission form.

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What’s New

The Succulent Manual

Hi friends!! I feel like I’ve been somewhat absent from the social pages, but I’ve been super busy the last few months putting the final touches on my eBook ‘The Succulent Manual’ and the online version. I’m talking tedious 12-hour days staring at a computer screen until I’m literally cross-eyed.

I also recently made a new video and just added some delicious drainage materials to the shop page.

Drainage materials for succulents

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Now on Amazon and other platforms- The Succulent Manual eBook

I am incredibly happy to announce The Succulent Manual is now available as an eBook on several eShelves including:

Sucs for You –  eBook or PDF, with the option to add a custom care consultation! Choose this option if you have a coupon code. Save 10% off The Succulent Manual and custom care consultations with code: SFY10 

Online web versionAccess The Succulent Manual from your web browser

Amazon Kindle


Barnes and Noble

Google Play


See all other available stores here

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The Many Mother of Thousands

You’ve probably heard the term ‘Mother of Thousands’ (or ‘Millions’) used for several plants by now. It’s a common name given to the varieties of Kalanchoe/Bryophyllum that reproduce by plantlets called bulbils that form along the leaf margins. Bryophyllum is another genus given to this type of plant, but it most commonly still referred to as Kalanchoe. Some botanists group Bryophyllum with Kalanchoe.

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