How to host a succulent swap: An unboxing and plant wrapping demo

I thought it would be fun and informative to open the box from our Texas Succulent Swap with y’all! Watch me unwrap and demonstrate how to wrap* succulents for shipping in the mail. I also explain how to set up a swap so you can host your own plant-mail party!

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The first 15 minutes are of the unboxing and the rest shows me filling it back up with plants for the next recipient, a very special lady named Becky who just got married and used some of the swap sucs in her wedding bouquet — you’ll get to see some photos of the results! *Wrapping demo starts at 15:18

Participants and plant identifications below :

** Wrapping demo starts at 15:18

Cacti gardening apron by Nubia and Maria from  @morethanasucculent

Plants in order of appearance and who they’re from:

-Euphorbia greenwayi – @succulent_chicks

-Senecio pendulus –@succulent_chicks

-Rhipsalis capilliformis –@succulent_chicks

-Mystery cactus baby – @succulent_chicks

-Aeonium ‘Kiwi – @reganrocksyoursuccs

-Crassula arborescens ‘Silver Dollar Jade’ – @succer4pitts

-Clipboard from Regan! – @reganrocksyoursuccs

-Orbea decaisneana subsp. hesperidum – @my.succulent.addiction

-Corpuscularia lehmannii – @my.succulent.addiction

-Sedeveria Pink Granite – @reganrocksyoursuccs

-Echeveria zaragoza – @reganrocksyoursuccs

-Opuntia bigelovii ‘Teddy Bear Cholla’ – @reganrocksyoursuccs

From me:

-Mammillaria melanocentra

-Opuntia ‘Santa Rita’

-Graptopetalum paraguayense

-Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri ‘Donkey Ears’

-Kalanchoe humilis

-Senecio crassissimus ‘Lavender Steps’

-Various Aloes and propagations


This featured Texas Swap was #texassuccieswap3

Thanks to all of our group members:

@texas_succs – Becky

@rfig12345 – Rick

@succulentsbythesea_cc – Carolyn

@retired_brats_garden – Rachel

@thedreamerstree – Toni

@botanical_balcony – Krisann

@daniela.k.linge – Daniela

@gigigina5 – Gina

@succer4pitts – Brittany

@reganrocksyoursuccs – Regan

@my.succulent.addiction – Evelyn

@succulent_chicks – Cindy

@sucsforyou – Andrea – me!

OG Texas Swap Group – #texasrockssucculentswap – We went through Hurricane Harvey together during this swap! It was crazy!! We still chat nearly every day and I am so happy we found each other! <3

@bngraves – Brandi

@livinlikelaura___ – Laura

@succulent_chicks – Cindy

@sucsforyou – me

@Theycallmeangiestar – Angel

@texas_succs – Becky

@gitanochill – Salvador 

@succulentschnauzer – Adriana

@succsofmine – Steph

@tex_ness – Becky

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