The Right Light for Succulents: Outside, indoors, sunlight, and grow lights

In this video you’ll learn about finding the right light for succulents…

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In this video we discuss:

• ( 01:10 ) What kind of sunlight is best for outdoor and indoor plants
—psst… it’s 6+ hours of bright filtered/indirect light

• ( 01:46 ) Seasonal changes in sunlight with an awesome 3D visual demo woo!

• ( 07:08 ) Examples of direct sun, bright filtered light, and bright indirect light

• ( 12:08 ) Deciphering those new succulent care tags

• ( 13:20 ) How to tell if your plants are getting enough or too much light

• ( 17:05 ) Indoor natural light

• ( 19:25 ) My grow light set up; when and why you should buy grow lights

• ( 27:52 ) Using light to keep rosettes and other succulents true to form

• ( 28:45 ) Good varieties for part sun

• ( 29:30 ) Expectations vs Location

It’s a pretty heavy discussion on the topic of light, but it’s all information people have asked me about, so I do hope it helps everyone!

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