Intro to The Succulent Manual: A guide to care and repair for all climates

It’s ready! Introducing ‘The Succulent Manual: A guide to care and repair for all climates.’ Become a member of the most thorough and easy to navigate interactive website on succulent care and upkeep around!

Head over to The Succulent Manual to get started. Read on and watch this video to learn more about the manual and how to use it.

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The initial release of The Succulent Manual includes 11 chapters and a Knowledge Bank. In a book format, this web manual would be well over 150 pages and it’s still growing. More informative content and fun stuff like quizzes will be added and updated regularly.

Some of you may already know I’ve been writing The Succulent Manual for a couple of years now. The full title is The Succulent Manual: A guide to care and repair for all climates. While I originally intended to publish it as an eBook and physical book, I started thinking about possibly putting it online as membership-based interactive website for several reasons, and after reaching out to my followers, they liked that concept too, even more so than an eBook.

Since I have over a decade of web design experience under my belt and I already put a lot of time and love into, publishing the manual online would bring the contents to the public much sooner than designing an eBook or going through a traditional publishing house.

And while the manual reads like a book since it was written to be one, I thought it would be even more useful if the different chapters and topics within were easy to reference with a simple click or two. The online version also allows more helpful images to be included than a book would.

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