Vol. 2 – Your Stories: How have succulents helped you?

I posted a call for stories about how succulents and other plants have helped you, and the responses so far have been incredibly moving. I know how much they’ve helped me and reading your submissions has made me love these wonderful plants even more.

Here is the second round of many to come, I hope!
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It saved me more that any person around.

Hi. I’m ACE from the Philippines and here’s my story.

I got my first succulent (a Black Knight) on the way home from a hiking trip. I saw some vendors selling cheap succulents and cactus so I decided to buy some not thinking it would be a hobby or such. Because of that, I just neglected all the plants outside our house. After a few months, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I lost my passion of anything I used to love. I lost a lot of friends too. My family at the same time doesn’t understand me.

Then one night, I saw my succulents grow bigger, and it no longer fits the black sowing bag it was in. So I decided to look for a pot for it. Not knowing anything about succulents, I planted it in the usual garden soil and I saw my Black Knight slowly dying. I searched about it and learned how succulents and cactus are different from other plants until it became a hobby.

My lonely, crying nights changed to gardening moments. I spent most of my time in the garden. As in all night long. I met a lot of cacti and succulent collectors too, and made a lot of friends.

Now, every time I get depressed, I go to our garden, just look at my plants, relax and pray to God. It saved me more that any person around. Planting really is a therapeutic hobby. 🙂
-Ace Y.

I had no idea what to get anyone for Christmas…

I was sitting at my desk and then realised why don’t I leaf propagate my Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg! I got straight to it and am now getting results.

-Josh M.

I was going through a hard time after a breakup…

and there were a lot of negative things going on in my life.I decided that if I wasn’t able to take care of myself, or didn’t want to, at the very least I could look after a plant, so I bought my first succulent and over the years I’ve grown more positive and happy to see my plants healthy.

Above all I have realized that I need to bloom where I am planted.

My first grandchild was born on 7/31/17 and from the moment she arrived, I have wanted to live very close to her. My daughter and her husband live in the next county over – about 30 minutes from where I live in Houston.

My husband and I started making plans to sell our home as soon as she was born. We had our realtor come out and started making repairs. Not even a month after she was born, Harvey hit Houston. Our home took on water and for the next four months we lived with my mother and then my daughter. We had a terrible time with our contractors and our flood insurance company. It was a really dark time. We finally were able to get home at the end of 2017.

The repairs done on our home were subpar so we have a lot of work to do. Homes are selling at much lower prices than they were before Harvey because people shy away from a home that has flooded. We have felt stuck. We refused to hang our pictures on the wall or plant flowers. The projects we used to love to do fell by the wayside. Much of our possessions are still in boxes as we refused to believe that we were going to have to stay put for awhile.

Several months ago I started buying succulents and it has given me such joy and peace. I set up a potting area and bought shelves to display my plants. I love making arrangements as gifts. I can’t wait to work on my plants and check on them daily. I love the smell of dirt! Above all I have realized that I need to bloom where I am planted. It is hard to believe that these little plants have worked so much happiness into my life but they really have.
-Laura G.

To me it was more than just a plant, it was something to keep me company…

I got my first succulent when someone close to me was far away for a little while. I was feeling very lonely, and I was walking along a strip of stores and went inside a little plant shop. I got my first succulent and to me it was more than just a plant, it was something to keep me company. Kind of like a friend. I even named him Maurice and since him I have gotten probably 20 more different succulents. I like the feeling they give me of not being alone and they give me something to look forward to. I like being productive and being able to water them and care for them and propagate them. They make me genuinely happy and they brighten my day, and I think that’s a really special thing this community has; the ability to take a simple thing and make it a root for happiness.
-Abby in Indiana

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