Succulent Pests: Thrips and how I treated them (includes micro views)

Great. Another pest to worry about… Thrips. So small, they’re hard to detect without a microscope. Luckily my husband got me one as a birthday gift I highly recommend you get one too!

Here’s a model similar to mine that you won’t have to wait over a month to ship like I did:

I mentioned I’ve been using Everclear 190 proof to spot treat pests, but if the 190 proof isn’t legal/available in your city, you can see if they sell the 189 proof. It’s a little trick the manufacturers came up with to skirt local laws, because this stuff is no joke – it is the strongest liquor on the market. The 190 proof is 95% alcohol by volume compared to rubbing alcohol which is 70%.

Directions on using Everclear as a pest killer:
Fill a spray bottle with some of this liquid fire.
Spray directly on the plant/pests and let it sit for up to 10 minutes.
Rinse the plants under fast running water, preferably a sink so any pests go down the drain. Repeat as needed.
Don’t expose treated plants to direct sun or strong grow lights for a few days after treatment.
Don’t bother repotted them until you’re sure they’re pest-free. It is best to unpot plants so you can keep them away from your other plants while treating them.
I’ve used Everclear on mealybugs and it knocks them out a lot faster than full strength rubbing alcohol so I just might stick to this method if I continue to have luck. Of course you can always use full strength rubbing alcohol in place of Everclear.


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