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I’ve had several people tell me they’d to purchase The Succulent Manual eBook but are unsure how to read it without a tablet. The good news is you don’t have to have any special device – you can open and read eBooks with any computer and most mobile devices. Read on to learn how!

As many of you know, my book ‘The Succulent Manual – A guide to care and repair for all climates’ is currently available in two versions: As an eBook in the shop, and hosted right here on this website, so you can read it just like you’re reading this post.

It is also available as an eBook via Amazon Kindle and other online book stores, so if you’re familiar with the service, that will be the easiest option. (I am still working on finalizing the print version, but the digital formats will be much cheaper.)

I am a ‘real’ book lover myself and it took me a while to get into eBooks (and how to figure out how to open them) but I’m glad I learned because they are super convenient, travel lightly, and I’ve been able to enjoy many a free book via sites like and

Here’s how to open an eBook on the most popular devices

Once you purchase The Succulent Manual eBook, you will receive a link to download it and save it to your device.


MacOS: Macs come with an application called Books. Simply click on the eBook file you saved and it should open in the Books application.
Calibre also works well too if you prefer a different platform, and yes, it’s free! (You can also right-click on the file and see the applications already available on your desktop/laptop.)

Windows/Linux: I recommend Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions. Both are free and intuitive to use.

Mobile Devices

iPhone/iPad: The free Apple Books app will sync your library to your other devices that have the Books app installed, so you can read on your computer, phone, and iPad. To sync from your computer to your other devices, open the Books app, click on ‘Books’ in the top left corner, then click ‘preferences’ and select the ‘Sync’ checkbox if it isn’t already selected.

To sync from your Apple mobile devices to your computer, go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Books’ and confirm that syncing is on. Easy peasy!

Android/Tablet: I like using Google Play Books for my computer and Android phone. From your phone, simply click the download link for the eBook and once it finishes, it will automatically open in the Play Books app (as long as it’s installed on your phone.)

Syncing from your phone to the browser version of Google Play Books is automatic so whether you add an eBook to your phone or computer, it will be on all of your devices that are logged into the same Google account.

Other options for Android: You can use other free applications including ReadEra, PocketBook, and many other eBook reader options.

I’m always happy to assist anyone who needs help – just email me here and let me know what device you want to use.

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