Awesome and Unusual Plant Mail! (Unboxing and Potted Results)

PLANT MAIL TIME WOO! Here’s a fun and fast unboxing video featuring plants from Desert Bloom Nursery in the Texas Rio Grande Valley! ( )
I also show you the end results of how I chose to pot them up.

Care tips: When receiving plant mail, remember to avoid putting your new plants in direct sun or else they can burn. When I get bare rooted plants shipped to me, I like to let them rest after unwrapping them for a day or two so any broken roots have some time to dry and heal. I then pot them up in a fast draining soil, wait another day or so to let the plants settle into their new pots, and then give them a small drink.
Featured Plants: Euphorbia aeruginosa, Mammillaria polythele f. inermis, Gymnocalycium anisitsii subs. multiproliferum, Euphorbia lactea, Echinopsis mirabilis/Setiechinopsis mirabilis, Glottiphyllum oligocarpum


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