Facebook and Instagram are down, so follow me on Twitter @sucsforyou

Follow Sucs for You on Twitter – Since Facebook took over Instagram, both platforms have gone down several times. I know a lot of us use those sites to keep in touch with friends and family, and have several years of photos and memories suddenly unaccessible. Along with the Sucs for You group and its 9,000+ members, I personally enjoy the many plant and nature centric Facebook groups and communities.

Instagram is my main platform I post content to for Sucs for You, and I will be incredibly bummed if I lose 6 years of almost daily photos, advice, research, and history.

And I know many of you rely on IG and FB for your business. We really need to rethink how we can lean less heavily on unreliable platforms that have nothing to lose when we lose.

While this outage seems particularly severe, both IG and FB will probably be back online soon. Whether or not any of our content and posts will be erased, or if our friends and followers lists will remain intact, is yet to be known.

Twitter seems to be the most reliable platform, and you can follow me there at twitter.com/sucsforyou – we can still share photos and easily converse. But on that note, I wanted to remind readers that sucsforyou.com posts are open to comment on, ask questions, and reply to others who are seeking help.

You can also follow me on Youtube and ask questions in the video comments and on the community page, and sign up for Sucs for You newsletters using the form at the bottom of every page on this website.

Oh and I have had a subreddit (a ‘group/community) on Reddit for a while and it works a lot like FB groups. You can post photos and questions and receive replies from everyone else. I don’t post there much but will start doing so and you can too! Click the join link on the page and you’re in 🙂 https://www.reddit.com/r/SucsForYou/

You can also use the Ask Andrea feature on this site to get one-on-one advice straight from yours truly!

Should this outage last longer than a couple of days, I will send out a newsletter updating you on how to stay connected. And I will reach out to other small businesses who need help getting the word out on where customers can find them online and help spread the word.

I just want to make sure we keep in touch, and can find our way back to each other if the outages continue to occur. We can rebuild our succulent community if need be, but we need to stay in communication in order to be able to make that happen.

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