Euphorbia mammillaris, blooming in March

Euphorbia mammillaris, blooming in March! You may have heard of a Corn Cob cactus – well, this is it, but it’s not a cactus. Euphorbias contain a latex/sap that can be highly irritating and toxic, so handle with care and wash your hands with a good soap after handling them.

This plant barely survived a brief freeze while covered on my front porch (zone 9A, Houston, Texas). Its soil was very dry which definitely helped it deal with the cold. I didn’t pay much attention to it but the other day I noticed every last branch was in flower!

Every branch in bloom!

Besides their latex, Euphorbias are easily distinguished from cacti by their flowers.

Euphorbias need a bit more water than cacti and thrive in bright indirect light. Full sun is good too as long as it’s not too hot, or else they can go heat dormant and possibly struggle to survive.

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