A tour of my succulents flowering in March with IDs (there’s a lot!)

Please read the video description to see all the plant names! And please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet to help me reach that big 50K! Succulents flowering in March in my outdoor collection in Houston, Texas, and of course some other plants too! The plant IDs in order of appearance:

• Haworthia arachnoidea – blooming since early February
• Haworthia limifolia – blooming since mid February
• Astroloba herrei – blooming since early February
• Sansevieria ballyi – started flowering late January, opened late February
• Echeveria sp.
• Mammillaria melanocentra – not 100% sure, will edit if not.
• Mammillaria plumosa – blooms very fragrant white/yellow flowers throughout the year
• Aloe Vera ‘Vito’
• Haworthia reticulata var. hurlingii
• Begonia ‘Cachuma’
• Parodia graessneri flaviflorus
• Parodia rudibuenekeri f. Albissima
• Parodia uebelmaniana
• Euphorbia flanaganii – Medusa Head
• Old Lady Cactus ‘Mammillaria Hahniana’
• Strawberries – Fragaria x ananassa ‘Tarpan’
• Fuchsia magellanic
• Kalanchoe uniflora ‘Coral Bells’
• Double Begonias
• Euphorbia geroldii (Thornless Crown of Thorns)
• Euphorbia milii
• ALL the Bluebonnets – Lupinus texensis; lupine = wolf, like the fuzzy seed pods
• Abutilon striatum (Red Vein Indian Mallow)
• Malpighia emarginata ‘Barbados Cherry’
• Euphorbia mammillaris

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