How to separate and divide succulent offsets and stem babies… round 2!

Dividing and separating various offsets and new growth on several types of succulents, plus an update on the Echeveria subsessilis I topped back in the February video on repairing stretched and damaged succulents.

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The line up: Echeveria subsessilis, Echeveria pulvinata, Haworthia tessalata, Opunita, Echinopsis oxygona cv.

02:26 – Echeveria subsessilis- update on topped portion, 07:20 shows stem baby removal

11:20 – Echeveria pulvinata – taking stem/branch cuttings

17:52 – Haworthia tessalata- dividing offsets

21:45 – Rescued Opuntia pad – new growth segment removal, 27:54 shows a dry potting method

23:15 – Echinopsis oxygona – offset removal

To see another demo on Haworthia Fasciata ‘Zebra,’ Echeveria Prolifica, and an Echeveria Lola check out this video


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