How to Treat a Cactus for Scale

Get to know what Scale bugs look like and how to rid your cactus of these pests. Also see how to check your roots for health. The featured cactus is a Notocactus uebelmannianus, one of my favorite favorites! Lots of macro shots and close ups to get you familiar with this common succulent and cacti pest.

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You’ll need a soft brush, rubbing alcohol, a strong stream of water from a hose, and a pot of fresh dirt to be on the safe side. After repotting a cactus, wait at least 2 weeks before watering to avoid sending it into shock.

*Diaspis echinocacti scale females create small, dark to light brown circular spots with a distinctively raised nucleus. They look like flattened barnacles. The males are extremely small, elongated white crawlers.

(Another type to watch out for is Cochineal scale (Dactylopius coccus) – they are soft-bodied, cottony white, and target Opuntia.)


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