Kalanchoe tubiflora ‘Chandelier Plant’ repair, propagation, progress

Watch me rescue and propagate one of my favorite plants— a Kalanchoe tubiflora ‘Chandelier Plant,’ one of the Mother of Thousands. It is a fast grower and gets so tall it can’t support its own weight. (We’ve been through this before…) It offsets from plantlets along the leaf-tips as pictured in the intro image.

I’ll show you how I chop it up, what the plantlets look like, a 3-week progress update, and how to remove and pot up one of the new plants!

To avoid the toppling, you can cut it in half once it reaches about 2-feet and it will branch out, but you’ll need to remove some of the new growth before you know it.

Rain, humidity, heat and more rain… this gal really doesn’t mind anything but the cold— the Kalanchoe and me 😉

Easy, eager, and showy, this is a wonderful succulent for beginners and beyond!

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