Overwintering and Grow Lights for Succulents – new sections added to the ebook and online version of The Succulent Manual

I’m stoked to announce I just finished adding two BIG sections to the ebook and online version of The Succulent Manual! Overwintering and Grow Lights, both under Chapter 4: Regional Tips.

I’ve also decided to change the online access from a yearly $12 subscription to a one time payment of $15, so this is a great time to sign up if you haven’t already! And if you are currently subscribed, you will no longer be billed.

If you already have the ebook, you can either download the latest version directly from the source you bought it from or make sure your reading application is set to auto-update.

The information on Grow Lights will help you understand the nitty gritty details about PAR, PPF, PPFD, DLI, and a lot of other techy stuff to help you find the perfect LED fixture for keeping your succulents looking tip-top indoors. There are helpful graphics too, like this:

If that doesn’t mean much to you, it will after reading the section on Grow Lights, and your plants will think you’re so smart for knowing what PAR light means to them!

Excerpt: “One of the main reasons I wanted to write this piece is because I’ve seen too many good people duped into thinking they’re buying something that will work for their succulents when it wouldn’t even be strong enough to support a single bean sprout. Please trust me and skip all of the clip on lights, and anything that claims to be powered by USB or a standard power adapter, wireless, or battery operated. There’s no way any of those can pull enough watts to provide enough light for your succulents.”  

Overwintering usually calls for supplemental light so the two sections really do go hand-in-hand. Along with light and water requirements, we cover getting your plants ready to bring inside and transitioning them back outdoors.

Excerpt: “How cold can you go? The first and most common question people have about overwintering their outdoor succulents is ‘When should I start worrying about protecting them from the cold?’ A very brief answer is when the temperatures are consistently below 60ºF/15ºC and you aren’t able to protect them from the rain.

If you can protect your collection from the rain, you can get away with leaving them outside in temperatures below 60ºF/15ºC, and most will be just fine down to 50ºF/10ºC. Anything below 45ºF/7ºC for longer than a few days really isn’t ideal for most tender and juicy succulents like Echeverias and String of Pearls, so plan ahead on finding a bright warm spot to overwinter your prized rosettes and ‘String of’ plants.” 

It’s been several years since The Succulent Manual was first released, and in that time, I have moved twice so some of my previous references to how I overwintered my plants have changed. Now that I have an attached garage, I’m able to keep my grow lights set up in there year-round. And it should be mentioned that in the last 5 years, the world of artificial lighting has seen many changes as well. So please enjoy the new additions!   

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