Great gifts for succulent lovers (that aren’t plants)

If you’re looking for a great gift for a succulent lover in your life, this post is for you. Maybe it’s too cold to buy them plants, or you’re not sure if they already have a particular type in their collection. Here are some other options that will be useful and well-received!


‘The Succulent Manual: A guide to care and repair for all climates’ by Andrea Afra is available in 3 formats: Paperback, ebook, and an online version. The paperback has a handy Plant Journal section for logging plants, but all the versions are packed full of helpful and easy to navigate information ranging from beginner levels to more advanced. Learn more about the different options here.

Chapter 8 Featured image

Custom 1-on-1 Help

You can order a Custom Care Consultation from the shop as a gift that can be redeemed anytime!

A portion of the Plant Questionnaire


Yes, I just gave my friend a gallon of drainage mix and 2 gallons of soil for her birthday. It’s what we do lol! Succulent soil mixes require fast drainage and we can always use a nice supply of pumice, turface, expanded shale, small lava rocks, akadama and other porous, non-organic rocky goodness. If you can’t find any locally, you can order my favorite pumice here and lava rocks here. All of these double as nice top dressings as well.
I wrote a bit more about turface, — what it is, how to find it, what to buy for plants — here.

Drainage materials for succulents
Right to left: Turface, pumice, expanded shale, a mix of the 3.

Another welcome item is a diamond hole saw bit for drilling drainage holes in just about any container. Since they wear down over time, it’s always nice to have a replacement. A good quality 1/2 inch bit is my favorite option. It does requiring owning a power drill. In fact that’s the main reason I finally bought a drill for myself!

Video still from ‘Make it Drain’

Super Vision

I really enjoy my USB microscope for inspecting plants for pests and just seeing what’s going on very close up. This model is a good deal and works much better than others I’ve tried. It uses an app to connect to your phone via wifi and can take pictures and videos. It’s super cool! Honestly, you should get one for yourself too.

Spines of a Rainbow cactus
Copiapoa maritima seed germinating

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